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You know the type - that totally insatiable woman who just can never be totally sexually satisfied.  She needs variety, because after all, like they say, variety is the spice of life!  Sure, she loves her husband, she is married to him after all... but he's always gone, and he just can't satisfy all of her urges.  She's got herself some side action, someone to fuck her holes when her hubby is away, or just too overworked to have time for sex.  If you're into this sort of thing, man, do we ever have the fucking treat for you!  Here at we're all about these slutty and impossibly horny hotties, and through the magic of live web cams we're bringing them straight from their bedrooms to your device's screen.  Watch in real time as these babes do everything you could imagine (and plenty that you couldn't!) live on web cam for your viewing pleasure.  They love it when you watch them fuck!


Pornography of the Future - Right Now!

This shit right here is on the bleeding edge of technology.  Not only do we have high technology behind the scenes making all of this live video stuff possible, some of our models have some very nice tech of their own!  Take for example, a dildo.  This however is not just your run of the mill 20 dollar dildo, oh no.  We're talking expensive, high tech dildos that YOU, the user, can control!  Imagine being able to simply by the jingle sound of you sending a message in the performer's chat room, ramp up the intensity of the vibration.  Interactivity is truly what pornography has long lacked, but here at, we've got interactivity in spades! Not only can you control the action by taking control of these models toys, you can use the chat function to throw out ideas and suggestions for a show at them.  We obviously can't guarantee every girl is going to take every request, but it's still an incredible thing to have the ability to direct how you want a show to unfold and have the model see your request and then make it happen.


Who are the Slutty Wives on

Open minded individuals who want to share their naughtiest moments live over the internet with other like minded adults.  They come from all backgrounds, all ages, all sexual orientations, and all walks of life.  Truth be told, many of them started out as regular users just browsing and viewing our web cams before deciding to make the jump to being a performer.  If that sounds like something you'd like to do yourself, good news - it takes less than a minute to sign up and verify your identity and then you'll be ready to flip on that cam and get freaky while you make some easy money!


So, you're totally serious that this is all free?

Completely!  We've had it up to here with websites pulling the old bait and switch move of luring you in under the context of 'free' but then as soon as you're in asking you for a credit card number to do damn near anything.  We promise you - we'll never pull that shit on you.  When we say free, we really, truly, 100% mean FREE!  Money will never touch our hands, in fact, it only will go directly to the performer, should you choose (completely voluntarily) to send them a tip.